Hydrus Technology is privately held Australian company that is leading a global paradigm shift in water and wastewater treatment. This shift started with the development of our intellectual property for Advanced ElectroChemical and Catalytically Enhanced Oxidation. Those technologies are now the driving force behind HTX closed-loop water recycling service.

These technologies enable a chemical-free process for turning contaminated water and wastewater into water ready for reuse or release into the environment—ending the cycle of fresh water to wastewater so common in industrial water usage. Specifically, the outflow of the HTX service meets typical Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards or customized water quality standards.

Hydrus has raised the bar for the removal of harmful contaminants, such as hydrocarbons, and extraction of valuable minerals and is committed to the cost effective and high-quality treatment of water and wastewater.

Our Vision

Turn the world's over abundance of waste water into a valuable, reusable resource.

Our Mission

To deliver solutions that solve the world's most complex wastewater challenges and make treated wastewater available for reuse or safe environmental release, and value add the waste material where possible to drive greater client returns.

Our Values


We all have an absolute commitment to ensure safety is always first in everything we do. We proactively monitor potential hazards, participate in continuous improvement safety training and adhere best practice safety regulations. We embrace our motto of "Safe Uptime".


We are passionate about what we do, we act with integrity, respect, and equality at our core. We value mutual respect, consideration and open communication.


We partner with our clients and work collaboratively to solve their wastewater treatment objectives.


We believe that nothing worth while is simple or easy, but with intellect, team work and determination, challenges are overcome.


We are passionate about our work and take personal responsibility to provide high quality results for both company and client deliverables.


We are thought leaders and innovators developing high value wastewater treatment solutions to turn wastewater into a valuable reusable resource.