Hydrus' scalable and mobile Advanced ElectroChemical technology and processes can be applied to many wastewater treatment, issues or projects globally.

Currently, we are focused on the mining, oil & gas and industrial sectors.

Using our technology and knowhow, Hydrus has developed a suite of applications to treat fracture flow back and production wastewater produced in the oil and gas industry; recover valuable minerals from the tailings of alumina and iron ore production; and enable superior and safe oxidization and removal of waste from a wide range of wastewaters.

Hydrus has an ongoing research and development program that uses its core intellectual property to develop further solutions to high margin wastewater opportunities, mineral recovery and environmental challenges. Hydrus is currently engaged with several of the world's largest oil and gas producers and mining companies to optimize existing and new water treatment and tailings management infrastructure.


Over recent years, growth in the mining industry has created new pressures for companies competing in a market of declining iron ore prices and tightening government regulation. Resource efficiency has never been more crucial to remaining competitive.

Hydrus' Advanced ElectroChemical technology is a breakthrough for the mining industry. Unlike other treatments, through years of intensive research, Hydrus has developed proprietary technology with proven and unprecedented mineral extraction results and new, cost effective wastewater treatment and removal costs.

Our results show that our Advanced ElectroChemical treatments have the ability to extract up to 67% more iron ore from tailings that are currently discarded.


As the demand for energy has heightened and the availability of traditional sources has depleted, oil and gas companies have increasingly pursued new energy sources.

Among the unconventional energy sources, companies have considered so-called 'tight' gas and oil held in shale, and gas held in coal seam formations (CSG).

In an attempt to improve the flow rate in sourcing shale gas, tight gas, tight oil and CSG, companies have turned to hydraulic fracture stimulation techniques (also known as hydrofracturing, fracking, or fraccing) to liberate vast volumes of oil and gas. Hydraulic stimulation or fracturing is a contentious global practice for releasing oil and gas from ore formations. It has continued to provide challenges for the industry in addressing growing community concern about the contamination of groundwater.

The Hydrus solution mitigates the risk of groundwater contamination, removes toxic contaminants and renders fracture flow back water safe for re-use or environmental discharge. Our solution is a scalable, fully re-locatable one-stop-shop that eliminates the need for any external services.


Hydrus' solutions can be applied to a range of industries. While conventional biological water treatment is generally highly effective at removing some contaminants from wastewater, these treatments are often ineffective at removing all contaminants. Conventional treatments may also use chemical oxidization agents which may have harmful byproducts.

Our Advanced ElectroChemical processes ensure the superior and safe oxidization and removal of waste from a wide range of wastewaters including:

Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and membrane treatment
Radioactive isotope removal
Steam cleaners, pressure washers, textile dye, metal plating
Cooling towers
Sewage and bio-solids treatment.