Resolving Complex Wastewater Problems

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Hydrus Technology Holdings Pty Ltd (“Hydrus”), and its patented HTX Solution, is at the leading edge of a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment globally, setting new benchmarks for sustainable and cost-effective treatment, removal of harmful contaminants and the extraction of valuable minerals. Hydrus provides an initial assessment to understand your requirements and recommends an optimized solution to deliver sustainable outcomes for all your wastewater treatment needs. Hydrus will deploy its HTX Solution on a fully outsourced Water as a Service basis to address your most pressing wastewater challenges.

Partnering for the Future.

Hydrus has partnered with CAT® to bring a new global standard to wastewater treatment, for reuse or safe environmental release. Through our partnership, Hydrus strives to maximize the sustainability of job sites by using its HTX Solution to recycle wastewater in landfill leachate operations, mining and mineral as well as oil and gas processing. By transforming wastewater management, making wastewater safe for environmental release and reducing the need for on-site freshwater sourcing, negative environmental impact can be significantly reduced, creating a cleaner world for us all.

The Importance of Water.

There is an increasing number of toxic wastewater components that are resistant to conventional treatment processes, which are having undeniable effects to our environment, water sources, and even drinking water. Complex refractory chemicals including phenols, chlorinated benzenes, complex organics and PFC’s are slowly discharged into aquatic systems and groundwater as a result of ineffective wastewater treatment from a number of different industries. It is more important than ever for sustainability leaders like CAT® and Hydrus to provide substantial, long-term solutions across the globe.


We’re removing harmful contaminants in the properties of minerals themselves to create cleaner, efficient, sustainable job sites.

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The Process

See how we’ve refined electrochemical wastewater treatment technology over the last 12 years, down to the ionic level.

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Consulting Services

HTX Solutions and your local CAT® dealer offer assessment services to understand your specific wastewater treatment needs.

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Mobile, analytical and efficient end-to-end water treatment solutions designed to be scalable for any job.

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