HTX Solutions Revolutionizes the Treatment of PFCs at Commercial Scale with a Breakthrough Patented Mobile Technology and Award Winning Water-As-a-Service Client Solution

HOUSTON, TX. January 15, 2019

HTX Solutions, LLC,  has successfully sequestered dangerous perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and other perfluorochemicals (PFCs), to undetectable levels using HTX Solutions’ Commercial Scale Landfill Leachate Technology. HTX Solutions, LLC (HTX), continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s patented solutions in the landfill market with groundbreaking results from a commercial scale installation at a Minnesota landfill. The HTX Solution successfully treated raw landfill leachate reducing ammonia/ammonium from 1200 ppm down to less than 10 ppm, removing boron from 16 ppm down to a non-detectable level, near complete removal of VOCs (Volatile Organic Carbons) and NVOCs (Non-Volatile Organic Carbons), and sequestering and removing PFCs to non-detectable levels, which met or exceeded the landfill operator’s requirements.

“The HTX Solution removes complex wastewater contaminants that other treatment systems cannot, making it a total treatment solution,” said Mr. Cam. “Results at the Minnesota landfill are nothing short of remarkable and exceeded the expectations of the landfill operator and the regulator’s expectations for every contaminant we tested. The HTX Solution is also very relevant for the mining, oil and gas, and power generation industries, cost effectively treating difficult wastewater streams.”

HTX enables the treatment of highly contaminated and complex wastewaster across multiple industries by applying its patented end-to-end solution, which doesn’t involve any capex expenditures by the client. The HTX Solution is a pay-as-you-go water service, which is fully customized yet dynamic for ever-changing discharge requirements. It’s also mobile, scalable and relocatable. Treated wastewater can then be resold, re-used for other commercial, or agricultural uses, or safely discharged to the environment. HTX can even achieve drinking water standards, if desired by the client.

In the summer of 2018, HTX began a commercial demonstration with the Minnesota landfill to treat raw leachate. Leachate is wastewater that drains through landfill materials before ultimately collecting at the bottom of the landfill. It contains high levels of contaminants, such as total nitrogen, boron, lead, manganese, organic compounds and PFCs. Other contaminants, such as pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals may also be present. Several cases of groundwater and surface water contamination from landfills have brought the need for a solution for landfill leachate to the forefront of environmental groups and concerned communities.

The Minnesota landfill produces between eight and ten million gallons of leachate per year. The treatment – the HTX Solution – is the best option, as it is comprehensive, cost-effective, and provides year-round operation on-site. It also eliminates the need for the landfill to haul the leachate off-site to a municipal wastewater treatment plant for disposal.

HTX has developed deep technical expertise and innovative technology solutions, providing unmatched service and delivery excellence to clients’ most complex wastewater challenges.


About HTX:

HTX, is a wastewater treatment technology company founded in Australia with its U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. HTX is at the leading edge of a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment. The company has developed advanced, resource-efficient, flexible electrochemical technologies with broad application across industries including landfill, mining, industrial, oil and gas, power generation, food production, and other applications. The company’s technology has positioned HTX to address some of the world’s toughest commercial, natural resource, and environmental challenges. For more information about HTX, visit

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