John Ellers, Consulting Engineer

John is responsible for the design, engineering and production of Hydrus' solutions.

He has more than 25 years of professional experience, specialising in designing and building innovative technologies to enable their infield and commercial application globally. His specialist fields include hydraulics and fluid dynamics, pneumatics, power transmission, electrical engineering, process flow engineering, light and heavy vehicle design, civil design, construction and agriculture.

John has a deep aptitude for innovative engineering and his career achievements prior to Hydrus have included developing underground drainage systems, floating roads, re-engineering of agricultural equipment, design and construction of off road heavy vehicles, and design of forestry equipment.

He implemented a new design for dairy effluent treatment which has become commonplace worldwide due to its cost efficiency and simplicity.

Other projects for which John has been responsible include installing high pressure water mains, the epoxy lining of eroded underground sewer structures, NBN optical fibre rollout, development of heat exchange cooling systems for dairy products, and a cost saving small bridge system with application to the agriculture sector.

Brook Hill, Technical Consultant

Brook performs a crucial role developing the Hydrus ElectroChemical and oxidation technologies. These technologies have a broad application across the energy, mining, industrial and food production sectors globally.

During his 30 year career, Brook has developed an impressive portfolio across roles including Water & Wastewater Manager for an Australian District Council; Commissioner on the South Australian Environment Resources and Development Court; and Principal and Chief Environment Engineer for Australian energy and resource professional service company, WorleyParsons Services. He is a former Director and Board Member of Global Geoscience Services and a former Chair of the Environment Industry Association.

Among Brook's most notable achievements is his work for the Shanghai Research Institute for Environmental Protection. Brook co-developed the pre-treatment options for industrial waste discharge into Shanghai's Huangpu River. His recommendations were incorporated in the Shanghai Environmental Master Plan (World Bank) and many of the UNEP 'Cleaner Production' Guidelines.

Brook holds a Master of Science, Environmental Management and Engineering, Griffith University; Graduate Diploma in Geosciences and Mineral Economics, Macquarie University; and, Diploma in Technology (Management) from the University of South Australia.