Caterpillar Announces Wastewater Treatment Service Pilot

Strategic Alliance with Hydrus Technology Targets Sustainability Services for Customers

May 10, 2017

Caterpillar today announced the pilot of an advanced water treatment service, targeted at delivering sustainable mobile wastewater treatment to mining, oil and gas and industrial customers around the world. To launch these service offerings, Caterpillar has entered into a strategic alliance with Hydrus Technology, an Australian company that delivers technology-forward solutions for wastewater treatment.

The Caterpillar wastewater treatment service applies Hydrus Technology’s suite of proprietary water treatment technologies to deliver innovative solutions for a range of wastewater, mineral recovery and environmental challenges for customers across the globe, enabling wastewater after treatment to be suitable for re-use or safe for release. The new Caterpillar offering lowers the need for on-site freshwater sourcing and may significantly reduce environmental impact.

“Our customers rely on Cat products to build and develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets around the world, enabling sustainable progress and improved living standards for people everywhere,” said Greg Folley, Caterpillar vice president for Industry Solutions, Components and Distribution. “The wastewater treatment service is yet another example that illustrates our corporate commitment to supporting our customers in the field with efficient, cost-effective and sustainable products and services. We are pleased with the opportunity to leverage the technology of experts such as Hydrus Technology in order to accelerate such innovative offerings.”

“An alliance with Caterpillar to expand our groundbreaking wastewater treatment technology to the global marketplace made perfect sense,” said David Cam, the CEO of Hydrus Technology. “Combining our cost-effective, resource-efficient wastewater treatment service with Caterpillar’s market-leading position provides a winning combination for clients, consumers, our two businesses and the environment.”

Caterpillar’s new wastewater treatment service is currently being piloted with select dealers and customers and is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2017.

Water samples taken before and after wastewater treatment. Photo courtesy of Hydrus Technology

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