HTX is delivering leading edge solutions for a range of wastewater, mineral recovery and environmental remediation challenges.

HOUSTON, Texas. (September 26, 2017) – Hydrus Technology announced today that it has secured a patent for its Advanced Electro-chemical and Catalytically Enhanced Oxidation wastewater technologies.

These leading-edge technologies enable HTX to turn contaminated water and wastewater into water ready for reuse or safe release into the environment— ending the cycle of fresh water to wastewater so common in industrial water usage. Specifically, the wastewater treated with the HTX service meets typical Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards or client-specified water quality targets.

Hydrus Technology’s suite of water treatment technologies can achieve innovative solutions for a range of wastewater, mineral recovery, and environmental challenges for customers across the globe.

“We have developed game changing technology that provides customized solutions in the oil & gas, mining and industrial sectors,” said David Cam, CEO of Hydrus Technology. “Now we’re expanding our first-class technology and strong R&D efforts into other vertical markets, targeting high value solutions to challenging wastewater problems.”

Vertical markets include O&G, mining/metals recovery, and waste management.

Hydrus Technology offers a turnkey, mobile, re-locatable and fully scalable water treatment service with a small operational footprint and cost and environmental benefits. The mobile and scalable equipment and processes can be applied to wastewater streams and projects globally, safely removing hazardous and non-hazardous materials. This results in recycled water that is available for commercial re-use or water that is safe for environmental release.

About Hydrus Technology (HTX):
Hydrus Technology, a technology company founded in Australia with its U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas, has changed the paradigm for wastewater treatment. The company has developed advanced, resource-efficient, flexible electrochemical and catalytically enhanced wastewater treatment technologies with broad application across industries including oil and gas production, mining, industrial, food production, waste management and other applications. The company’s technology has positioned Hydrus to address some of the world’s toughest commercial, natural resource, and environmental challenges. For more information about Hydrus Technology, visit